Pretty much every day, I walk and ride my bike along the Little Econ Greenway, which is just one section of Orlando's extensive network of beautiful biking and hiking trails.


I spend a lot of time playing with and kissing on my dog Mikey. He's a chihuhua with really short legs. I take a lot of pictures of him.


My husband introduced me to gaming about five years ago. I love to play open-world role-playing games like Skyrim and Fallout. (I can't wait until the gaming industry figures out how much money women are willing to spend on games.)


I read a lot. I've gone through spy novel phases, detective novel phases, and even had a long stint in which I was determined to read everything by Charles Dickens. Despite how much it shows my true nerdiness, I have to admit that most of the fiction I read involves dragons, magic, time travel, and other fantastic diversions. I used to only read fiction, but now I read a lot of books about information development, design, and leadership. I also have a fascination with the historical era of Queen Elizabeth I and King Henry VIII. 

Makin' Stuff

For as long as I can remember, I've been making things. I wrote my first book in fifth grade. I made my first sculpture in my Auto Mechanics class in high school. I used to carry pictures of furniture around in my wallet. I've made tables, benches, bathrooms, kitchens, sheds, jewelry, gardens, fences, paintings, furniture, clothes, and even a couple of businesses.