We Love Dogs!

We love your dogs almost as much as you!

We're gentle and make sure they are clean, safe, and happy!


At the Fluffy Puppy, we provide personalized pet care in a cozy environment.

We're a small establishment, and take special interest in each and every one of our pooches.

Regular grooming is essential to your dog's health. A well-groomed dog is more likely to get lots of hugs and kisses, and pets live healthier lives when they are touched frequently. Grooming also aids in preventative health care and early detection of potential health problems.

Wet Dog in a Towel

Start Early

It's important to begin grooming your dog while he or she is still a puppy. This helps ensure your dog is agreeable to grooming later on, particularly when it comes to ear cleaning, tooth brushing, and nail clipping.

Wet Dog in a Towel

Reduce Stress

Studies have shown that the grooming process reduces stress in both you and your dog. It's soothing and reassuring, and, when you groom your dog regularly, it helps you both get to know one another better.

Wet Dog in a Towel

Prevent Problems

Regular grooming allows you to check your dog for any unusual issues, such as ticks, fleas, dry skin, or issues with nails, teeth, ears, and eyes. When discovered early, these issues can be treated quickly.

Dogs of All Sizes

Pet Rescue

It's always raining cats and dogs in Florida. Luckily, we are one of many local organizations dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating cats and dogs. We work with many groups and individuals to make sure that animals have adequate food, shelter, health care, and cuddles. We can get you in touch with a great foster pet, or your new permanent family member!

Watch a Happy Rescue Dog!